I give public lectures in environmental politics, environmental security (including disasters and crises), social movements, and international relations theory. I have been an invited speaker and guest lecturer at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (2022), the Columbia University’s Earth Institute (2021), the University of Alaska-Anchorage (2020), Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (2019), University of Oxford (2018), University of British Columbia (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), and the 2012 Jean Monnet Seminar in Kiev, Ukraine.

I also lead and facilitate research workshops, including scenario development sessions and simulations.

Courses (Instructor)


  • MUNI BSSn4404: Conflict Studies
  • MUNI BSSn4460: Disinformation and Propaganda
  • MUNI BSSn4495: Qualitative Research Methods
  • MUNI CDSn4001: Conflict Analysis
  • MUNI CDSn4008: Methodology of Conflict Studies


  • MUNI BSSb1112: Threats and Risks in the Modern World
  • MUNI BSSb1198: Environmental Threats and Security      
  • UBC POLI260: Introduction to Global Politics

COURSES (Teaching Assistant)

  • UBC POLI110: Introduction to Scientific Political Analysis
  • UBC POLI345: Gender in Political Theory
  • UBC POLI363: Canadian Foreign Policy
  • UBC POLI366: International Political Economy
  • UBC POLI367: International Relations Theory and the International System    
  • UBC POLI369: Issues in International Security
  • UBC POLI370: Issues in International Conflict Management 
  • UBC HIST104: Topics in World History
  • Langara College HIST1116: Early Canada
  • Langara College HIST1126: Modern Canada
  • Langara College HIST1195: Special Topics
  • Langara College HIST2217: Modern British Columbia         
  • UNBC INTS121: Beginning Japanese
  • UNBC INTS131 and INTS132: Beginning Russian
  • UNBC INTS231 and INTS232: Intermediate Russian
  • UNBC ECON100: Microeconomics