My creative writing explores the issues of immigration, displacement, and belonging. My work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, Her Circle, the Inconsequential, and several travel magazines. I am one of the contributors to Caitlin Press’ This Place a Stranger: Canadian Women Travelling Alone, and the editor of Wherever I Find Myself: Stories by Canadian Immigrant Women.

On Immigration and Immigrant Experiences
My Accents and Me.” All Lit Up, March 2017.
I Come from a Word on a Map.” The Rain, Party & Disaster Society 3, No. 3 (2016): 9–11.
Fly away, home!The Globe and Mail, April 2015.
(with Henrieta Matejova). “Of Mature Women and Terrorism.” The Inconsequential, No. 27, April 2015.
Tears of a hand-me-down clown.” The Globe and Mail, October 2014.
“Of Lamps, Cuban Oranges and Cemeteries.” Her Circle, March 2012.

Travel Stories
“Concrete Jungle.” In This Place a Stranger, ed. Vici Johnstone, 89–94. Caitlin Press, 2015.
The Grace of Stones.” On a Junket, August 2013.
“How to See Kiev in Three Hours.” Hack Writers: The International Travel’s Magazine, August 2012.